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    Why choose JobBoard.io?

    With JobBoard.io you can start your own job board in just 30 seconds, with no installation, coding or servers required – we handle all the technical elements so you can focus on growing your job board.

    5-Star Rated. JobBoard.io is consistently reviewed 5/5 on the independent review platform Capterra for our responsive support, wide range of features and flexible platform.

    1. Simple: No servers. Just sign-up, add a custom domain and launch.
    2. Innovation: As job board owners, we understand the market and constantly add new features.
    3. Social: Your job board is ready for the modern web with full SEO and social features.

    Instant Setup

    No code, no installation, no technical setup. There’s nothing to maintain, upgrade or update – we manage all the technical elements of your job board. Signup and launch your own fully featured job board in just 30 seconds.

    Key Features

    JobBoard.io is the easiest yet most powerful way to launch your own job board, including powerful features like easy eCommerce, Indeed.com backfill and more. You can run your own job board, no technical knowledge required!

    Great Features

    Launch your job board with these great features.

    Intuitive Admin Panel

    Easily manage your Job Board. Track who has purchased and how much they paid, who applied, manage & edit listings. Customize all your job board settings.

    Responsive Mobile Design

    Mobile & Tablet friendly out of the gate. No separate app to worry about – our software uses the latest techniques to automatically resize for whatever screen size your audience visits on.

    Blogging & SEO Optimized

    JobBoard.io makes it easy to add additional content to your job board. All your blogs, custom pages and job listings are Search Engine Optimized, including proper semantic markup, automatic Sitemap generation, friendly URLs and more!


    Increase your average transaction price by setting up products. Our flexible system allows you to set different combinations of Job numbers and timeframes or sell custom products.

    Frictionless Apply Process

    Elegant and seamless application process with integrated tracking. Know how your clients Jobs are performing to stay on top of your game.

    Multiple Job Boards

    Easily manage and switch between multiple Job Boards from a single login.

    Simple and Trusted

    Over 3000 Job Boards have been created on our 5/5 rated platform. With JobBoard.io there is no software to download or install, no servers or complicated code to maintain, and no developers to hire. We worry about the technology, you focus on growing your business!

    Everything You Need to Run Your Own Job Board

    JobBoard.io is easy to manage, maintain and use, meaning you can focus on growing your job board.  It includes powerful features, like a mobile-responsive layout, beautiful design, applicant tracking, employer profiles, custom domains, email job alerts, easy eCommerce and loads more.

    JobBoard.io is exactly what SemiconductorJobs.com needed. After years of using other job board software, I am very satisfied with the results and service that JobBoard.io provides.
    JobBoard.io Client
    Jason Davis SemiconductorJobs.com
    JobBoard.io is a dream. Easy to get up and get running, great features and ridiculously fast and helpful support team
    JobBoard.io Client
    Mike Morton CIO, Diversified Communications Canada
    Cheers on the job board. I have to say JobBoard.io rocks!
    JobBoard.io Client
    Stuart Birch Managing Director at Education Personnel
    I switched to JobBoard.io after running a self-hosted WordPress job board for over four years. It was a mess. The user experience was terrible, the code was a tangle of poorly architected dependencies and the payment system was unreliable and labor intensive. JobBoard.io has taken away all of those problems. I'm never looking back.
    JobBoard.io Client
    Justin Cone Founder of Motionographer.com
    I'm so happy that I found Jobboard.io. From the first day I have received amazing and FAST support from them. They have been helpful on many different issues from coding to promoting. The software is simple to use for the beginner but also has options for the advanced. My only problem is I didn't find them soon enough! If you're hesitant about a solution for your job board, you don't need to be any longer. Jobboard.io is top notch from my experience.
    JobBoard.io Client
    Chris Wilson Admin at Who's Hiring Kansas City
    A great product from a great team. I have used several job boards for my business but none have come close to Jobboard.io It is very flexible allowing easy customisation to meet your business needs. The team offer excellent support and get back to you very quickly. The software is also innovative being constantly updated and improved.
    JobBoard.io Client
    Nick Hutchinson Founder at Chiro Recruit Ltd
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