New Features Round up: September 2019

Our Development team continues to work to improve Lately we’ve had a big focus on improvements to security, infrastructure, and performance, but we do have new features to announce! Filtering for Job Alerts Filters have been added so that … Read More

New Feature: Feed Filters

Importing jobs through XML feeds is a great way to get a lot of job content for your site, but what happens if you don’t want all of the jobs in a particular feed? We’ve had the option to filter … Read More

New Feature: Custom URLs

Simple URLs can improve SEO rankings and make for easy to read posts on Social Media. To help in these areas, we’ve added the ability to set Custom URLs on Custom Pages and Blog Posts. Some of you have already … Read More

New Feature: Expiration Notifications

Getting employers back to your board to make additional purchases is key to keeping revenue coming in.  To help with this effort, we’ve created an option to automatically send e-mails to employers to prompt renewal after their job expires. Emails … Read More

New Features Round Up: March 2019

Hey Everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve sent an update on some of the smaller improvements we’ve been making, and we wanted to make sure to bring everyone up to speed. Scheduled Status We noticed a lot of instances … Read More

New Feature: Autosuggested Job Titles

Ensuring employers provide good and consistent job titles can be a challenge.  Today we’ve introduced a tool to bring more consistency between what employers provide and job seekers search for: Autosuggested Job Titles.   Autosuggested job titles build on a … Read More

New Update: Employer Dashboard

We’ve made some quality of life updates to the employer dashboard to improve your employer’s experience! The most important change is that apply counts will now be displayed directly on the employer dashboard. Previously, employers were required to click into … Read More

New Features Round Up

The Team has been hard at work with some small improvements to the platform.  Here’s a roundup of items we’ve released over the past week:   Auto-detection of end users Location We’ve added a new option to the Search Widget … Read More

New Feature: Add backfill jobs to your Job Alerts

Job Alerts are generally the primary driver of reliable, recurring traffic back to your Job Board. If you use ZipRecruiter as your backfill provider, you can now add backfill links to your Job Alerts as well.  This allows you to … Read More

New Feature: Job Alert Sign up on Job Application Form

As you know Job Alerts are the best way to get job seekers to re-engage with your job board on a regular basis. Today we’re rolling out another avenue to get job seekers to sign up for Job Alerts. We’ve … Read More

New Feature: Additional Job Widget Options

New options for the job widget are here! You can now add Job Type, Salary, and the first snippet of the Job Description to your job listings. The additional information will improve the job seeker experience by providing important details … Read More

New Features: Product Page Updates!

We’ve added some new features to help organize and improve your product page.  We want you to be able to easily optimize this page to better sell to your customers and drive revenue.   Quickly re-order how products appear on … Read More GDPR Platform Changes

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018. The below article outlines some of the many changes we have made to the platform in order to make your compliance obligations with GDPR easier.   Provide the contact … Read More

New Data Privacy Center

Today we’re excited to announce a new Data Privacy center available to you in your job board admin panel. This new Privacy center will be the hub for you to manage all your Privacy related activity on your job board. … Read More

New Feature: All Applicants List

In our latest update, we’ve improved how Applicants are displayed in to help speed up your daily workflow. Applicants are at the heart of any successful job board. In this update, we’ve made it easier to manage all your … Read More

New Update: Job Applicant confirmation email

We’ve added a new Job Applicant confirmation email – which is sent to the candidate when they apply to an “Apply via Email” job on your site. This email confirms that the Application was submitted, and also includes links to … Read More
Auto Import XML

New Update: Auto Import Jobs

Back in 2015, we announced our Auto Import Jobs feature. This powerful feature allows you to fill your job board with job postings from any XML job feed without any code. Jobs can be imported on an hourly, daily, weekly … Read More

New Update: Bulk Actions on Jobs

Last week, we announced our new Filter Jobs feature, enabling you to manage job postings more effectively. In this update, we’ve increased the limit how how many jobs you can take action on at once – allowing you to publish, … Read More

New Update: Filter Jobs in Admin

Back in September 2017, we published a mysterious blog post. We announced that ‘Workflow Changes Are Coming’ to enable future improvements and feature enhancements. The result of this development has arrived. Today, we’re launching our most requested feature – job … Read More
Job Board API

New Update: Multiple API Keys

The API is powerful. It allows developers to create applications that manage jobs, employer accounts, profiles and applicants on your job board. The same API also powers the integration between your and BroadBean, LogicMelon, Multiposting and other multi-posting … Read More

New Feature: Team Members

When we work together, great things happen. Whether it’s a co-founder, colleague or a freelancer, our new team members feature allows you to invite them to help manage and modify your site. This powerful new multiple admin feature is … Read More

Workflow Changes Are Coming…..

Over the coming week we’ll be rolling out some changes to the job posting workflow across all clients.  Most of the changes are non-visible retooling of the underlying data structures storing the workflow states, setting us up to make some … Read More
Employer Directory - Job Board Software

New Feature: Employer Directory Update

For the past few months, we’ve been working on improving the ‘Employer Directory’ experience. Today, we’re releasing a bunch of new updates: Searchable Employer Profiles Filter Employer Profiles by Custom Fields Display Only Active Employers About the Employer Directory The … Read More

New Feature: Bulk actions on Profiles & more

We’ve taken our recent bulk action feature that we released on Jobs and brought it over to job seeker profiles.   You can now perform the following bulk actions on Profiles: Approve selected profiles Revoke selected profiles approval status Delete … Read More

New Feature: Salary and Compensation Ranges

We’re constantly developing with new features and enhancements. In our latest update, we’ve added the ability to: Add salary ranges across a range of time durations, including annual salary, monthly salary, weekly salary, daily salary and hourly salary. Optionally … Read More
Conversion Tracking -

New Feature: Conversion Tracking

In our latest update, we’ve added the ability to track conversions for: Employer Purchases: Trackers will fire whenever an Employer makes a purchase on your site. Employer Registration: Trackers will fire whenever an Employer registers for an account. Profile Registration: … Read More

New Feature: Job Boost Upsell

In our latest update, we’ve continued to enhance the Boost feature.   About Boost With Boost we’ve created a dead simple way to get more views, clicks and applicants for your jobs. With the click of a … Read More

New Feature: clients are ready for Google Jobs

In our latest update, we’re proud to announce that job boards powered by are ready for Google Jobs. Simply submit your sitemap to Google, and your jobs will be included in Google for Jobs.  Our team was fortunate to work … Read More

New Feature: Additional data insights on Apply Clicks

As you know our platform allows employers to specify one of two methods to apply for jobs: via Email: Employer provides an email address and the applicant applies through our system – giving you full insight into who applied to … Read More

Case Study: Hire Heroes USA

Here at, we’re proud to work with Hire Heroes USA to help them achieve their mission – to empower U.S. military members, veterans and military spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. We interviewed Elizabeth Reyes, Director of Employment … Read More