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Over 3000 job board owners love is perfect for international, national or regional job boards, but it is also a powerful tool for monetizing existing communities, building a job board for your company or for focusing on a particular niche.

Niche Job Board Case Study: is a powerful way to add an new revenue stream to an existing niche website. Since 2006, Motionographer has showcased outstanding work in motion design, animation and digital storytelling, and in 2015, they added to share the latest careers in the visual arts to replace an existing job board.


Justin Cone is the creator and editor-in-chief of

I switched to after running a self-hosted WordPress job board for over four years. It was a mess. The user experience was terrible, the code was a tangle of poorly architected dependencies and the payment system was unreliable and labor intensive. has taken away all of those problems. I’m never looking back.


Case Studies

Niche Job Board Case Study: Engadget Jobs

Founded in 2004, Engadget is the most trusted consumer electronics site in the world, reaching over 10 million US readers every month. Across the world, millions consume Engadget’s written and video content online.

With such a large engaged audience, Engadget are continually searching for innovative ways to give more value to their technical audience and diverse their revenue.

We worked with Engadget to launch and customize their new job board. Victoria Lau, Business Development Manager, said:

“ has been a fantastic partner for us. They’ve gone above and beyond and have helped us connect our readers to some amazing jobs.”

Case Studies

Niche Job Board Case Study: Ember Jobs is a great way to support and engage with an existing community.

Ember is an open-source JavaScript framework that enables developers to create sophisticated, multi-page JavaScript applications. Experienced Ember developers are in high demand.

Ember Jobs uses to advertise vacancies and opportunities to their active developer community and gains valuable income to support the development of Ember.

Case Studies

Niche Job Board Case Study: CrunchBoard

With over 12 million unique visitors and 37 million page views a month, TechCrunch is leading technology media property. The TechCrunch community includes more than 2 million followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and other social media.

As well as breaking tech news, profiling starts and reviewing Internet products, TechCrunch also runs Crunchbase, a open database of start-up companies people and investors.

TechCrunch worked with to relaunch another innovative property in their line-up – CrunchBoard – a job board for tech, startup and engineering jobs.

Victoria Lau, Business Development Manager at TechCrunch and Engadget, said:

“ has been a fantastic partner for us. They’ve gone above and beyond and have helped us connect our readers to some amazing jobs.”

Case Studies

Niche Job Board Case Study: Wine Industry Network

Wine Industry Network (WIN) is a business resource for the wine industry. Winery and viticulture professionals use WIN for free to research products and services from premium industry suppliers, find contact and product information, and receive free supplier news, deals, and updates through the bi-weekly newsletter.

WIN Jobs utilizes the reach of the Wine Industry Network ensuring that job postings reach their audience through social media and email campaigns. Using, WIN was able to add a powerful and flexible Job Board to their list of services, giving further value to their niche.

Kim Johannsen is the media/marketing manager of

The user [] interface was easy to use and allowed brand customization, and there was easy access to support.

Case Studies

Niche Job Board Case Study: NYN Careers

NYN Careers is the go-to career center for New York’s nonprofit industry. Featuring 1,000s of jobs each year, NYN Careers helps large and small nonprofits alike fill positions ranging from Executive Directors to human resources staffers.

By providing powerfully relevant job postings, either from employers or using the Indeed Backfill functionality, you’ll increase engagement and gain revenue from employers.

Further, has powerful customization and theming options to match the look and feel of your brand.

Case Studies

Job Board for Specialist Audiences: City & State Careers is great if you want to add an additional revenue stream to an existing website. City & State used to give additional value to their readership and unlock new revenue opportunities

City & State is the only media company devoted solely to covering government and politics in New York. Formed from the merger of City Hall and The Capitol newspapers in 2012, City & State now provides insightful and detailed coverage of the politics, the policies and the people of influential individuals and organizations all over New York.

Case Studies

Job Board for Specialist Audiences: Designer Hangout is also used by communities wanting to add extra value to their websites.

Designer Hangout is a global UX community powered by Slack’s real-time chat platform. As a strong community of pre-vettedUX designers and researchers, a job board is a valuable resource for their members and a key source of new revenue.

Case Studies

Recruitment Site: Academy.Jobs

Academy.Jobs provides online recruitment advertising services for Local Authority Schools, Academies, Free Schools, Studio Schools, Academy Sponsors, Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs), Independent Schools and Further Education Institutions across the UK.

John Charles is the Founder of Academy.Jobs

After considerable research and testing of various software platforms to run our job board I was delighted to discover and after only a short trial period I had no hesitation in signing up. The software is versatile and the customer service is exceptional. One of the key reasons for selecting was the ability to integrate the platform seamlessly into our main website and to incorporate our branding. The fact that the software is continuously updated as well means that we are able to introduce new features for our clients. We look forward to growing our business with


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